Myths Of The Victorian Era

Prior to reading Jack London’s story I thought of the Victorian Era as something full of grander and magnificence.  I saw the Victorian Era as being full of wonderfully dressed people with money and social status, as well as a period of time brimming with excess.  After reading stories from London’s book, and learning more about the time period, I now see the Victorian Era as grim and filled with an air of loss.  The government of the time was not willing to help these people, or do much more than give them a free sandwich every now and then.  The religious leaders of the day were insistent that being poor was a direct punishment from God, which was both false and degrading.  The destitute people of the Victorian Era were taught to believe that their place in life was their fault, and that there was very little they could do to change it.  Through our class lectures and reading London’s book, I have come to realize that the Victorian Era was nothing like what the majority of people believe.  It was a truly depressing time, yet was full of very kind people who did not deserve their situation.


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