Mary Ann Nichols: 26 August, 1845- 30 August, 1888

Nichols was once married to a man named William Nichols, however they both had a rough life together due to many separations. The final separation was committed when William found out that his wife was working as a prostitute. At the time of Mary’s death her husband had not seen her for about three years.

Annie Chapman: September 1841- 8 September 1888

Chapman was suffering from both brain disease and tuberculosis at the time of her murder. She was a short woman, 5 foot even, with brown hair. She was married to John Chapman, a coach driver, but separated around 1884 for unknown reasons. At the time of her death Annie had been living in a common dodging house with some 300 plus people.

Elizabeth Stride: 27 November, 1843- 30 September, 1888

Known as a clean cut and hard working woman. Stride was a cleaner and did other miscellaneous jobs along with prostitution on the side. She was brought to court a few times on disorderly conduct, however she was known to be a kind woman in general. Elizabeth was but married to John Stride, by the time of her murder he would be dead from heart disease for some four years. It should be known as well that there is much talk over Stride’s murder and if it is a real Ripper murder due to it being on the same night as Eddowes.

Catherine Eddowes: 14 April, 1842- 30 September,1888

The daughter of a tin plate worker, Eddowes was a smart woman according to sources, but was known to have a terrible anger as well. She is the only Ripper victim to be killed outside of the Whitechapel district and it is her killing that truly brought to light the conditions of living for the slums of London.

Mary Jane Kelly: 1863- 9 November, 1888

Mary Kelly was a well liked, tall woman (5’7″) who was the last of the canonical Ripper victims. At one point she lived with Joseph Burnett, who would later be a serious suspect in the murders. She was killed in her room and is undoubtedly the most vicious and disturbing murder of the five. She was killed on her bed with her entire body completely mutilated. Truly an atrocious way to die.


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