Five Victims

Mary Ann Nichols

The first Ripper victim, discovered on the morning of August 31st, 1888. She was born in 1845. She married a man named William who worked with a printer and had five children with him. The two separated in 1881. She got a job as a servant in May of 1888, but was discharged for stealing. She was evicted from a lodging house in August and killed on the 31st.

Annie Chapman

The second Ripper victim. She was killed on September 8th, 1888. In 1869, she married a coachman named John. They had two children and later separated. He paid her a semi-regular alimony, but when he stopped, she turned to prostitution in an attempt to make ends meet. Her murder was more violent that Mary Ann Nichols, with her throat slashed, several internal organs removed, and her body was positioned. This is also where the leather apron was found, which led to the suspicion of a butcher being responsible.

Elizabeth Stride

The third generally accepted Ripper victim. She was the first in what is known as the “double-event.” Born in Sweden, she moved to London in 1866. She married John Thomas Stride in 1869. She was discovered dead very early in the morning of September 30th, 1888, about 1am. It is believed that Mr. Diemschutz disturbed Jack in the middle of mutilating her for two reasons: she was not mutilated to the extent of the others and hours later, the next victim was found:

Catherine Eddowes

The fourth Ripper victim, the second of the “double-event,” murdered only hours after Elizabeth Stride. Born in 1842 in Wolverhampton. She lived for a time with John Kelly and worked with him in the hops fields and worked as a prostitute as well. She was also murdered on the morning of September 30th, within hours of Stride’s murder. Her throat was slit and she was disemboweled as well.

Mary Jane Kelly

Mary Kelly is the fifth and final generally accepted Ripper victim, and her murder was by far the most brutal. She was born in 1863 and moved to Wales during her early childhood. She married a collier in 1879, who died in an explosion two or three years later. At this point, she became a prostitute. She came to a brothel in London in 1884. She was killed at about 4am where she lived. She was horribly mutilated, disemboweled, and some of her belongings were burned in the fireplace. Additionally, her heart was missing.


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