Mary Ann Nichols

She was born in 1845. She was married to a printer’s machinist with whom she had 5 children. She became separated from William (the printer’s machinist) in 1881, and in 1884 William gained custody of the children. She then moved in with Drew, a blacksmith and then a year later that came to a close due to an argument. In June of 1886, she was present at her son’s funeral and saw William (the last time they had contact). In May of 1888 she found a job as a domestic servant but then got fired 2 months later for stealing. She then started living with another prostitute and then was evicted in August of 1888. She was killed 2 days later. On the 31st she was found dead with her throat slit and no blood on her clothes or breasts. There were some other cuts on her lower torso. She was buried a week later.

Annie Chapman

Born in 1841, she was the son of a soldier who became a domestic servant. In 1869 she married John, a coachman. They had a few children and were separated in about 1885ish. In the following year, her allowance from her husband stopped coming, and she was living on the streets of Whitechapel. She died on September 8 of 1888. She was found dead in a back yard with a slit throat and several other cuts on the abdomen.

Catherine Eddows

Born in 1842 (probably), really there is not much information about her early life, though her husband left her in 1880 due to alcohol issues.  She then moves in with John Kelley in 1881.  They would work in the hops fields collecting hops during the hops season, and the rest of the year she would sell herself as a prostitute.  Her throat was slit, and some significantly brutal slashes all over her body. disembowelment occurred.  The murder happened approximately an hour after the death of Liz stride.

Mary Jane Kelly

Mary was born in Ireland, probably.  Her early life is the least documented.  In 1879, she married Davies.  She later gets an invite to France from a client, but does not like it so comes back and moves to the east end.  She met a man in May of 1887 and the next day they decided to live together.  October 30th 1888, the man moved out because another prostitute had begun living with them. She then died on November 9th. This was the most brutal murder.  Her throat was slit along with significant destruction of much of her flesh.  The organs were also taken out similarly to Catherine Eddowes, only much worse .


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