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Montague John Druitt, 1857-1888: His family had a history of mental instability, he lived in White Chapel, and the murders stopped when he committed suicide in December 1888. This could basically be a case of the ‘wrong place, wrong time’ problem.

Joseph Barnett, 1858-1926: The lover of one of the victims, Mary Kelly. They were often arguing, and it is said that Barnett was trying to scare Mary Kelly out of prostitution by killing those close to her. Very plausable.

James Maybrick, 1838-1898: Left a diary saying he was in fact, the killer. No other evidence against him, and he was not really considered a suspect under the 90’s.

Thomas Neill Cream, 1850-1892: This insane abortionist was hung for poisoning a woman, and his final words were “I am Jack…” however, even though Cream was violent and a little crazy, he was in prison during the murders.

Michael Ostrog 1833-1904: Russian (fits ‘foreign’ theme), and spent time in prison for non violent crimes and asylums. Ostrog may or may not have been imprisoned in Russia during the murders.

James Kenneth Stephen, 1859-1892: Tutor to the prince, possibly involved in the royal conspiracy. Simply did not like women very much.

Rosyln D’Onston Stephenson, 1841-1916: The only real case against him is the fact that he wrote many letters and articles on the JTR murders. He is a suspect because of his interest and no other reason.
Prince Albert Victor, 1864-1892: The center of the ‘royal conspiracy,’ saying the Prince fathered a child by a prostitute and also had syphilis, and the murders were a cover so no one would know about his STD or illegitimate child.