I know who the killer is…

Montague John Druitt
A very nice business man, who was successful and well known. He is one of the main suspects of the Ripper case, although almost no evidence exists to tie him to the murders, and thanks to the wonderful London train time tables we know that if he was the Ripper he would have had several hours of being stuck in Whitechaple (not a good place for a killer to lay around). He was found dead in late December of an apparent intentional drowning, although he probably died earlier that month.
Conclusion- The only thing that ties him to the case in my opinion was the fact that his death was near the end of the murders.

Joseph Barnett
Was in love with Mary Kelly. The theory states that he killed prostitutes Mary knew in order to scare her off the streets. When this failed he went a killed he because her did not want to see her sell herself. He is almost a picture perfect match for the F.B.I.’s psycological profile, but that is as far as it goes for me. My problem is, if he was trying to protect her, why would he kill her?

James Maybrick
James showed up as a suspect in 1992 when a diary miraculously surfaced appearing to have been written by Jack the Ripper. Through subtle hints and clues it was determined to have been written by Maybrick. Although it has been repeatedly announced as a hoax, many still believe it to be true. I fell it is a hoax, because if this has existed for one hundred years, why did it just surface?

Thomas Neill Cream
He made a healthy living as an abortionist, and the occasional malpractice death of women. The fact he was in prison during the time the Ripper murders took place didn’t stop the theorists. They now say he had a double (The Prestige anyone?). Come on…just a little out there.

Michael Ostrog
He was a thief with no history of violent crime. he was repeatedly imprisoned, but was free during the time of the murders. However with no history of violence it seems a big jump from theft to serial killing. With no escalation it doesn’t make sense.

James Kenneth Stephen
He was a big man, built for football. He was the tutor to the prince and a poet. His suspicion came up with the royal conspiracy theory. I see very little evidence and because he was a poet he would have killed in a different way.

Rosyln Stephenson
He dabbled in black magic and the occult, and had an extraordinary interest in the murders. Not much else. He’s innocent.

Prince Albert Victor
He had cyphilis and was loosing his sanity. He was suspected to have had a child with a prostitute. It is also suspected that he inadvertently caused it through they masonic slaughter carried out by his doctor. But he was to far away to kill a few of the whores. He’s innocent too.

Remember, you can’t spell “slaughter” without “laughter”



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