The Usual Suspects.. of sorts…

First off i would like to say that i have no time to put a nice poem of my own on here sooo…  i will quote the one and only Cyndi Lauper:

if you’re lost you can look–and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you–I’ll be waiting
time after time

and now for the meat of the post:

Montague John Druitt

August 15, 1857- December 1, 1888

This doctor was accused mostly, it seems, because he dissapeared after the fifth murder and because he died shortly after apparently by suicide it is suspected with rocks in his pockets to drown himself in the river.

Joseph Barnett


This one time fisherman was the lover of Mary Kelley.  They apparently had an argument and he apparently tried to reconcile, but as is in many cases he was denied several times it appears.  He then, theoretically got upset and killed her and according to some 4 other prostitutes. Basically it is very likely that he killed her but none of the others.

James Maybrick

October 29, 1838- May 11, 1898

A cotton merchant from the best band of all time’s city (Liverpool), his diary was published in the 1990s that supposedly confesses to the five murders, but of course this was over 100 years after the murders occured.

Thomas Neill Cream

May 1850 – November 15, 1892

This man was a doctor who specialized in abortions, which would mean that he would have some dang sharp knives.  In 1881 in Chicago, he was apparently poisoning many of his patients, which is just not very nice.  He then was killed because of this in america in 1892.  He clearly was in jail during the murders, but supposedly his last words at least sounded like, “I am Jack….”

Michael Ostrog


This russian criminal often used disguises and aliases.  This is the only evidence for him to have been the murderer.  He even has a fairly good alibi, being jailed in France during the murders.

James Kenneth Stephen

February 25, 1859 – February 3, 1892

The reason James is even mentioned as a murder seems to be that he was the tutor of Prince Albert.  He also wrote a poem, because he was a poet (it seems deserving of a blog), that is very aggressive towards some woman.

Rosyln D’Onston Stephenson

April 20, 1841 – October 9, 1916

Robert was a reporter who arrived shortly before the first murder and left shortly after the fifth.  He apparently was interested in black magic.  He had an odd obsession with the murders as a reporter.  He seems to be the most intriguing that i have read at all about concerning these murders.

Prince Albert Victor 

January 6, 1864 – January 14, 1892

He allegedly was simply covering up a royal secret concerning sex, syphilis and perhaps illegitimate children.  It is possible that he had one of his high officials of some sort do the murdering for him.

Turns out i have a little time to share a few thoughts of random sorts.

The song Amie by Pure Prairie League is awesome.

Little Boxes by Pete Seeger is also awesome.

I enjoy Galaga over all other arcade games.

An ex-girlfriend of mine once put shaving cream on my car and THEN rapped it, “to protect it from the shaving cream.”

My car has been egged twice by two unknown people, had one tail light smashed in,  a rock thrown at it, and someone hit it in a parkinglot in highschool.  It also earned me the phone number of a girl that at the time was 21 and i was 16, which was a very weird evening.

Thats all ive got for now!


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