Montague John Druitt

He was an educated man, a good speaker, and involved in Cricket Club. There was evidence that he was mentally unstable, and it appeared to be a family trait. It is believed that Druitt committed suicide by jumping into the Thames river. His body was found on 31 December, 1888. This early death could explain why the Ripper murders stopped.

Joseph Barnett

Joseph Barnett was the on-again-off-again lover of Mary Jane Kelly. He lived in the center of Whitechapel. On the last night of Mary Kelly’s life, she was seen arguing with him right outside of the room she was murdered in. It is believed that he resented Kelly’s life of prostitution and wanted her to stop. He wanted to support her, but was fired that July. The couple fought, and then she was murdered. His physical description is similar to descriptions of the Ripper, it is possible that he had a key to Kelly’s apartment, and it would explain why her murder was the last.

James Maybrick

He was a cotton merchant from Liverpool. The main reason he survives as a suspect is because of the “diary” supposedly written by him that “proves” whoever wrote it was the Ripper. He had malaria, and was prescribed arsenic for treatment, which is an addictive substance (when you take enough to not kill you). He became a violent hypochondriac. He died in May 1889, which would explain why the Ripper murders stopped.

Thomas Neill Cream

He was a Scottish doctor. He got a woman pregnant and aborted the baby, almost killing the woman. They married, and then he enrolled in another college. Cream took up a job of being an abortionist, and was almost caught when the body of a woman was found in his office. He began an affair with a patient (he had a tonic for epilepsy), and poisoned her husband when he became suspicious. Cream was imprisoned for this crime. Unfortunately, he was in prison until 1891, making the fact that he is a suspect a tad bit ridiculous. The only reason that he is on the list of suspects is because his final words as he was hung were “I am Jack…”. He couldn’t finish his sentence, obviously, because he died. So, we don’t really know if he meant to say that he was Jack the Ripper.

Michael Ostrog

Ostrog spent time in prison. He was in and out for a while, but was released in early 1888. He was committed to an asylum in 1891. He was Russian, and foreigners were the main suspects in the Ripper murders. He was also a doctor. He was a known homicidal maniac and known to hate women. One of the things against him being the Ripper is that he also committed small crimes, such as theft, and it is unlikely that a serial killer such as Jack would do such a thing.

James Kenneth Stephen

He was a writer and a history student. He played soccer and had a big, bulky frame. He started his own newspaper in early 1888, and was in poor health for awhile. He died in 1892. He is a suspect because he was a known woman-hater and for not being entirely stable in the mind. However, he never committed a crime (that we know of ) and he had no connections to Whitechapel.

Rosyln D’Onston Stephenson

He was personally interested in the murders and wrote letters and articles on the subject. This fits with the profile that serial killers often get involved in the investigation of their own case. He was a doctor, so he had anatomical knowledge. He wasn’t known to be violent toward women, however.

Prince Albert Victor

He was the prince, obviously. His case is the most interesting in the “victim” section, even if it is also the most ridiculous. He had contracted syphillis, which causes brain damage. He was losing his mind, and the theory is that he had a child with one of the prostitutes, or that he got his disease from one of them. This is why he killed only prostitues, and it is believed that people who worked for the royal family helped to cover up the Prince’s involvement in the Ripper murders.


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