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What do I know about the Victorian Era?

Almost nothing. I never gave much thought to it, unless it was to the architectural styles of houses in the time period as well as clothing styles. I guess the most detailed mental picture I would get is that from the movie “Black Beauty” where the women dress in large poofy dresses and ride around all day in carriages pulled by black horses.

What do I know about the Jack the Ripper murders?

Again, not much. I knew some of the sayings and that he was the first known serial killer. But up until our first class period, I knew nothing about the victims or his way of murdering them that he incorporated. I never really paid it much attention I guess.

Reading People of the Abyss.

Reading this book was like an eye opening experience for me. I had no idea that most people in this time period lived like that, which differed extremely from my view of women going to tea parties in horse- drawn carriages. The truth was, most of the population’s women were prostitutes that slept in or around the streets at night. It would have been very unfortunate to be a woman of this time period with little money. The other thing I found most disturbing was the way that people slept. Paying to sleep tied to a bench seems a little hysterical when we think about it in this day and age. But back then, it was a reality, and many people were actually forced to sleep that way for many nights.



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