London Whores Go Falling Down

Five women who worked as prostitutes to make ends meet, or tried to meet them at least, were found dead. Five: Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Cathrine Eddowes, Mary Kelly. Everyone has told us how they died, but I’m more concerned with what Jack’s victimology tells us about him.

1. They were all women, this could be do to the times, or Jack could have had a bad relation ship with a female in his lifetime, been similar to “the lodger” and done it for religious reasons, he might have been insecure and found women less threatening, or he may of just chosen five people at random and there was an abundance of women.

2. The severity of the crimes escalated, while his “cooling off” period showed very little patter. Perhaps Jack started and just killing brought him a “rush,” but after just killing he needed more, and began disemboweling his victims. The night of the double murder he did not mutilate Stride, it is suspected he was interrupted, this could have triggered a very violent response which he needed to act upon so he found Eddowes and killed and mutilated her. The time between victims goes 8 days, 22 days, 30ish minutes, and 40 days. This is not typical of most serial killers. In the standard killer the time between murders gets smaller and smaller, it does not increase. Perhaps he was a sailor and was gone for extended periods, this would also give him the physical size needed to kill the victims with minimal effort. Maybe he was arrested?

3. Four out of the five were married and divorced. Jack may have felt these women wronged the men they were with and needed to be punished. Jack cold have very well been a chauvinist and felt women had no place to decide anything in relationships. Because Mary Kelly was a common alias used by many women, Jack may have had her confused with someone else, and upon discovering she was not who he thought she was, snapped and proceded to mutilated almost to the point where she wasn’t recognizable.

Or it have all been a Masonic plot to silence those who knew… *evil laugh* *fiendish grin on my face*



One Response to “London Whores Go Falling Down”

  1. Of the hundreds of men questioned and detained, I think it’s a fair chance that the police had a hold of him at least once. I agree with your thought that he may have been a sailor. Lots of research has been done on similar crimes in the Philippines and other places around the time. Could explain the “cooling off” period, in that he may have kept up his killings in other places.

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