Kathleen- Victims

Mary Ann Nichols was 43 at the time of her death.  Known also as ‘Polly’, she had five children with William Nichols before their split in 1880 either due to affairs or to Polly’s drinking problems.  After the break up, Polly turned to prostituting, but it wasn’t enough.  On August 31, 1888, she was kicked out of a lodging house on Thrawl Street because she couldn’t pay rent.  She was last seen at 2:30 AM and was found dead at 3:45 AM by Charles Cross.  Her throat was severely cut twice from left to right, reaching her spinal cord.  There was bruising on her face, neck, and abdomen.  On her stomach there were gashes, and she was possibly disemboweled.

Annie Chapman was 45 when she died.  She had been married to coachman John Chapman and had three children but split in 1882, once again probably due to the wife’s drinking.  She eventually ended up Crossingham’s Lodging house and became a prostitute to survive.  On September 7, 1888 she went out to find rent money but never returned.  She was found dead by John Davis between 530 and 6 AM.  Once again her throat had been slashed.  Her intestines were pulled over her left shoulder, her womb was missing, and a clean leather apron was found near her body.

Elizabeth Stride was 45 when she was killed.  She was married to carpenter Joseph Stride but split in 1881.  She later lived with Michael Kidney.  She turned to prostitution and was living at a lodging house on 32 Flower and Dean street.  She was last seen alive at 11 PM on September 28, 1888, but may have been seen with her killer by Israel Shwartz at 1 AM.  She was found dead shortly after that by Louis Diemshutz, and Liz’s body was still warm.  Her windpipe was cut in two, and she had bruising on her shoulders and collar bone. 

Catherine Eddowes was also 45 when she was murdered.  She lived with Thomas Conway for much of her life, resulting in three children.  They split in 1880, either to Catherine’s drinking or Thomas’ abuse.  Catherine moved to the east end where she lived with John Kelly.  On September 29, 1888 Catherine was jailed for public drunkenness.  When she was released at 1:30 AM on September 30, she was found dead less than an hour later by P.C. Watkins in Mitre Square.  Her throat was slashed, and a piece of her nose, her uterus, and her left kidney were all missing.  Her intestines were draped on her shoulders, and her ears cheeks and eyelids had all been cut.

Mary Jane Kelly only lived to 25 years.  She married young, but was widows by 19 and became a prostitute then.  At some point she was living with Joe Barnett, but also worked out of a brothel.  She was last seen alive at 2 AM on November 9, 1888 and was found dead that morning inside, at 1045 by Thomas Bowyer, who was collecting rent.  Her throat was slashed, but the mutilation to her body after her death was extensive.  Pieces of her ears, nose, eyebrows, heart, breasts, arms, thighs, lungs, and heart were all removed and were found about the room.


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