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Prostitution Kills

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Mary Ann Nichols
Aged 43 years, 5’2″, dark complexion and graying brown hair. She had a normal life with a husband and five children until she supposed that an affair had taken place between her husband and their midwife. The marriage was finally broken up over that accusation and her drinking problem. After she was left in the streets without her family, she was suspected of living with another man and working the streets at night. When her husband learned of her money-earning practices, he completely cut her already scant allowance. She began to work back and forth between the Lambeth Workhouse and the Lambeth Infirmary. After a while she stayed with her father, but ended up ultimately working in the workhouses the rest of her life. On the night of her murder, Nichols needed money for her bed. She swore to the proprietor that she would go get his money and that he should hold her bed. She went out into the night with a bit of the drink in her and a “jolly bonnet” upon her head. This was the last time that she was seen alive.
This woman was fully capable of having a fulfilling life. Her troubles began with drinking and severe paranoia. Due to the fact that her children remained with their father after the separation and refused to know her afterwards suggests that she was a truly messed up individual. It is to her credit that she was always working, but her part-time position as a common whore for drinking money does nothing to suggest that she was in control of herself.

Annie Chapman
Aged 46 years, 5′ flat, pallid complexion and dark brown wavy hair. She marries late and bears three children. The marriage is mutually terminated (possibly for their drinking problems) and Annie becomes a street walker. She was allotted an allowance of 10 shillings a week until her husband’s death on Christmas of 1886. After that she had trouble maintaining a livelihood and supporting her alcohol consumption. She would sometimes get money from relatives, but it would be spent immediately and Annie would be right back on the streets. On the night of her murder she was expected to pay for her bed, but the money she had just obtained from relatives was already gone. She also told the proprietor to hold her bed and then set out.
It is significant that Annie was left in the yard of 29 Hanbury Street because it related to her regular bed number down the road. Possibly meaning that either the killer was aware of her preference or she was mildly superstitious. She was the first of the victims to have their abdomen cut and organs tampered with. This is unique for the fact that her estimated time of death was after sunrise in a busy yard.

Catherine Eddowes
Aged 46 years, 5′ flat and dark auburn hair. Her life was less traditional than the other girls. It wasn’t known if she was married to the father of her three children and, in any case, they broke up due to Kate’s drinking. For a short stint she served as her daughter’s nurse, but again drinking and mooching money caused her own daughter to kick her out. She eventually moved into Cooney’s lodging house and was said to have a jolly character. The man she was involved with wasn’t aware that she occasionally solicited men for booze money. She was considered an upstanding woman. On the night of her murder, Kate was arrested for being drunk in public and not an hour after she was released, her body was found mutilated in the street.
This murder has the same aspects that the previous two, but this time their are witnesses that claim to have seen the murderer. While it cannot be discerned whether or not that was the last man that she was with that night, it’s possible that the testimonies are worthless. Her murder proves that all the mutilations were done post-mortem and the depth of the slashes across her throat indicate that she wouldn’t have been able to scream. Only portions of organs were missing from her body.

Elizabeth Stride
Aged 45 years, 5’5″, pale complexion and dark brown curly hair. She was born in Sweden and was consistently a member of the church. Elizabeth marries an older man named Stride and they begin a business together. After the business is sold, Elizabeth makes up the story of being aboard the Princess Alice as it sank and losing her husband and children. This is all a ruse to elicit money from the church. When her husband does actually die several years later, she moves in with a man called Kidney for around three years. She normally made money through sewing and charring, Mr. Kidney, and part-time whoring. In fact, four years prior to her marriage she was legally considered a prostitute. On the night of her death there is also a witness. Unfortunately the man considered the actions as domestic violence and left it alone. Her body was found by a man with a horse and buggy. The horse shied away from the yard and continued acting strangely. This, and the temperature and lack of mutilation, suggests that the man that found the body was not alone in the courtyard. It’s speculated that the ripper was interrupted and that is why Catherine Eddowes was murdered latered in the same night.
As far as I can tell, Elizabeth is the only one that was considered a full-time holder of the position of slut. The police acknowledged it as fact. It is quite obvious that she was not what you would consider upperclass, but she did have a fair bit of schooling and was a kind-natured and clean woman.

Mary Jane Kelly
Aged 25 years, 5’7″, fair complexion and blonde hair. Mary did not fit the profile of the other victims. While she was a part-time streetwalker, she was really young, rather tall, and her hair was blonde. On top of that, there is no record of her past. The only truth to be known from everything said about her is that she was born in Ireland and married once. Around three years into that marriage the man blew up. After the accident Kelly went to stay with a cousin and live as a prostitute. Another difference would be that she was actually attractive enough to secure a place in a brothel. She stays in a home in the West End for a while with a richer set of people. This is where some say she acquired such high airs about herself. A bit of bad luck with the drink and she’s stuck in the East End. There she meets with a man that stays with her in a single room in Miller’s Court. They were content in this place until Kelly began harboring other prostitutes. Barnett couldn’t take it anymore and left her. Stepping up her whoring game, Kelly was thought to have brought a man back to the room with her where he murdered her. Her body was only discovered because of her late rent.
Many things about Kelly’s death are inconsistent with the normal pattern of a Jack killing. This is the only one that was not on the street. She was so mutilated over her entire body that she was barely discernable as human. External parts were removed, her face hacked, and part of her ears chopped off. Her abdomen was completely open and the organs had been taken out and arranged around and under her body. Her thighs were hacked to the bone. This is said to be Jack the Ripper’s final killing due to the fact that it was so extensively done that nothing could top it. It is possible that the killer finally had time to complete his work and be satisfied.


The Victims- Jack Merrywell

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Mary Ann Nichols

     Mary Nichols is the first confirmed Ripper victim.  Her body was discovered during the early morning hours of August 31, 1888.  She was first found by a pair of carmen; however, they did little about their disturbing find.  Later, a constable passed the area on his beat, the alarm sounded, and Dr. Llewellen was called to examine the body.  Because of the gloom, the extent of the woman’s injuries was unknown until she was taken to be autopsied.  It was determined that Mary was found within thirty minutes of being found; however, there is much dispute over whether or not she was killed at the location of the find.  Much of the evidence was lost when the body was washed before being properly examined.  Mary’s wounds included a slit throat (left to right) and cuts to the left side, windpipe, gullet, and spinal cord.  There was also some bruising to the neck, possibly the result of strangulation.  It seems likely that the killer had some knowledge of anatamy, perhaps that of a butcher or doctor.

Annie Chapman

       Annie Chapman, the second Ripper victim, died on September 8, 1888.  Her body was found in the back yard of a house on Hanbury Street by John Davis, a carman.  Her left arm was across her chest, and her legs were spread apart with the soles of her feet on the ground.  There was quite a lot of blood, and some of her entrails were lying by her side.  Once again, the victim’s body was prematurely stripped and washed before a full examination occured.  The wounds inflicted during this murder were consistent with the wounds found on Polly Nichols:  the throat was cut from left to right.  There was a leather apron found near the site of the murder, leading to speculation of a butcher’s involvement; however, it was not connected to the crimes.

Catherine Eddowes

     On Sunday, September 30, 1888, a driver named Louis Diemschutz came across the body of Catherine Eddowes, the third victim of Jack the Ripper.  Her throat had been cut from left to right an there were other lacerations to her face; however, the lack of the Ripper’s other signature cuts points to the theory that Diemschutz disturbed the murderer as he was commiting his crime.  This was highly unfortunate, as the unfinished crime seems not to have satisfied the killer’s bloodlust…

Elizabeth Stride

     The fourth Ripper victim, killed the same nite as Catherine Eddowes, was Elizabeth Stride.  She was discovered in Mitre Square by PC Edward Watkins.  Her injuries were considerably more complete than those of Eddowes:  she had her throat cut, her bowels removed,  here stomach cut, and she was lying in a pool of blood.  Here face had been badly mutilated.  It seems as though Jack the Ripper’s MO was escalating. 

Mary Kelly

    Mary Jane  Kelly was the fifth and final Ripper victim.  She was discovered by her landlord’s assistant, Thomas Bowyer, who had been sent to collect her rent.  Kelly was lying naked on her bed, her body horribly mutilated.  There were two lumps of flesh lying on the bedside table, and the body itself was barely recognizable as human.  Much of the abdomen and thigh tissue had been removed, the breasts were cut off, the extremites mutilated, the neck was very nearly completely severed, and the face was completely unrecognizable.  Several internal organs were also found scattered around the body.  It was the most horrific and violent of the murders, and certainly the culmination of the Ripper’s deeds.

London Whores Go Falling Down

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Five women who worked as prostitutes to make ends meet, or tried to meet them at least, were found dead. Five: Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Cathrine Eddowes, Mary Kelly. Everyone has told us how they died, but I’m more concerned with what Jack’s victimology tells us about him.

1. They were all women, this could be do to the times, or Jack could have had a bad relation ship with a female in his lifetime, been similar to “the lodger” and done it for religious reasons, he might have been insecure and found women less threatening, or he may of just chosen five people at random and there was an abundance of women.

2. The severity of the crimes escalated, while his “cooling off” period showed very little patter. Perhaps Jack started and just killing brought him a “rush,” but after just killing he needed more, and began disemboweling his victims. The night of the double murder he did not mutilate Stride, it is suspected he was interrupted, this could have triggered a very violent response which he needed to act upon so he found Eddowes and killed and mutilated her. The time between victims goes 8 days, 22 days, 30ish minutes, and 40 days. This is not typical of most serial killers. In the standard killer the time between murders gets smaller and smaller, it does not increase. Perhaps he was a sailor and was gone for extended periods, this would also give him the physical size needed to kill the victims with minimal effort. Maybe he was arrested?

3. Four out of the five were married and divorced. Jack may have felt these women wronged the men they were with and needed to be punished. Jack cold have very well been a chauvinist and felt women had no place to decide anything in relationships. Because Mary Kelly was a common alias used by many women, Jack may have had her confused with someone else, and upon discovering she was not who he thought she was, snapped and proceded to mutilated almost to the point where she wasn’t recognizable.

Or it have all been a Masonic plot to silence those who knew… *evil laugh* *fiendish grin on my face*


Kathleen- Victims

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Mary Ann Nichols was 43 at the time of her death.  Known also as ‘Polly’, she had five children with William Nichols before their split in 1880 either due to affairs or to Polly’s drinking problems.  After the break up, Polly turned to prostituting, but it wasn’t enough.  On August 31, 1888, she was kicked out of a lodging house on Thrawl Street because she couldn’t pay rent.  She was last seen at 2:30 AM and was found dead at 3:45 AM by Charles Cross.  Her throat was severely cut twice from left to right, reaching her spinal cord.  There was bruising on her face, neck, and abdomen.  On her stomach there were gashes, and she was possibly disemboweled.

Annie Chapman was 45 when she died.  She had been married to coachman John Chapman and had three children but split in 1882, once again probably due to the wife’s drinking.  She eventually ended up Crossingham’s Lodging house and became a prostitute to survive.  On September 7, 1888 she went out to find rent money but never returned.  She was found dead by John Davis between 530 and 6 AM.  Once again her throat had been slashed.  Her intestines were pulled over her left shoulder, her womb was missing, and a clean leather apron was found near her body.

Elizabeth Stride was 45 when she was killed.  She was married to carpenter Joseph Stride but split in 1881.  She later lived with Michael Kidney.  She turned to prostitution and was living at a lodging house on 32 Flower and Dean street.  She was last seen alive at 11 PM on September 28, 1888, but may have been seen with her killer by Israel Shwartz at 1 AM.  She was found dead shortly after that by Louis Diemshutz, and Liz’s body was still warm.  Her windpipe was cut in two, and she had bruising on her shoulders and collar bone. 

Catherine Eddowes was also 45 when she was murdered.  She lived with Thomas Conway for much of her life, resulting in three children.  They split in 1880, either to Catherine’s drinking or Thomas’ abuse.  Catherine moved to the east end where she lived with John Kelly.  On September 29, 1888 Catherine was jailed for public drunkenness.  When she was released at 1:30 AM on September 30, she was found dead less than an hour later by P.C. Watkins in Mitre Square.  Her throat was slashed, and a piece of her nose, her uterus, and her left kidney were all missing.  Her intestines were draped on her shoulders, and her ears cheeks and eyelids had all been cut.

Mary Jane Kelly only lived to 25 years.  She married young, but was widows by 19 and became a prostitute then.  At some point she was living with Joe Barnett, but also worked out of a brothel.  She was last seen alive at 2 AM on November 9, 1888 and was found dead that morning inside, at 1045 by Thomas Bowyer, who was collecting rent.  Her throat was slashed, but the mutilation to her body after her death was extensive.  Pieces of her ears, nose, eyebrows, heart, breasts, arms, thighs, lungs, and heart were all removed and were found about the room.

The Unfortunates – Jack’s Victims

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Polly Nichols (aka Mary Ann Nichols)

The first canonical victim of Jack the Ripper. In some accounts she is either the second or third, but it is widely accepted that Polly Nichols was the first to die at the hands of the Ripper. It seemed to be common for women to be separated from their husbands, with alcohol being the main reason for the split. Polly Nichols had a fairly normal life. She was married, had five children. For reasons that remain unclear, she and her husband separated because she “liked the drink too much”. She was a part-time prostitute (meaning she also had other jobs, when she could find them). Her body was found around 3:40 AM in Buck’s Row by Charles Cross on 31 Aug. Her throat was slit and her abdomen had been ripped open. She also had bruises on her face, suggesting that someone had grabbed her. Polly’s wounds are what would become the characteristic MO for the Ripper.

“Dark Annie” Chapman

Annie was married and had children, but Annie left the family and moved to London. She had an allowance from her husband, but still lived in poverty. Their split was, once again, blamed on Annie and her alcoholism. There are varying reports of when she was last seen alive, and what her actual time of death was. She was found with her throat slit, left to right, and with her stomach cut open. Her intestines were draped over her shoulder and it appeared that her body had been “posed” in a certain position. Dr. Phillips examined the body.

The Double: Elizabeth Stride and Catharine Eddowes

At this point the police and press had received many letters claiming to be the Ripper. It is believed that the Ripper was interrupted as he was murdering Elizabeth Stride, and that he killed Eddowes as retaliation or to “finish the job”. Since Stride’s murder was interrupted, she hadn’t been as cut up as the previous victims. Along with being cut up, disemboweled, having parts of her genitals removed, her kidney removed, Eddowes also suffered severe facial mutilation. It is believed that at least one of the Ripper letters is authentic because it foretold this mutilation – or it could be coincidence, as the Ripper could have bought the early edition of the paper that printed the letter. There is much speculation.

The Last: Mary Jane Kelly (Marie Jeanette)

Mary Kelly’s murder is the one that most people remember, simply because of the sheer violence of it. This is the only Ripper murder where he had the privacy of a room. Her body was so severely mutilated that it is hard to tell it was ever a person. Bits of her were spread all over the room. She was posed, pieces that had been cut off were placed on the bedside table, and there was blood everywhere. It is a mystery why Jack stopped after this climax, or if he did stop and the other murders went under the radar.