Mary Ann Nichols- Murdered on August 30th, at 42 years old, and was considered Jack the Rippers first victim. She was first spotted by Charles Cross and Robert Paul. She had bruises on both sides of her face. There were two cuts on her throat, one four inches long and the other 8 inches, both of which went through to the vertebrae. On her abdomen, two to three inches from the side, there was a jagged, very deep cut. There were several other incisions on her abdomen. It was thought that all the injuries took four to five minutes to complete and were done by a very sharp knife

Annie Chapman- Murdered on September 7th. She was found on hanbury street by John Davis. Her face was very swollen and the fact that it was swollen apparently indicated suffocation. Her throat was slit to the spin, and the killer had attempted to remove the head. A portion of her small intestines had been removed and placed over her shoulder, and her uterus  and bladder were also removed. Other organs were thought to be missing. The injuries were thought to be inflicted with a knife similar to slaughterers knire

Catherine Eddowes- Murdered the 29th os september along with Elizabeth Stride. Her throat was slit about six or seven inches long. After she was dead, the murdered mutilated her face and body. The intestines were placed over the left shoulder. Her kidney and uterus were both missing. There were nicks on the lower eyelids and V’s on her cheeks. The tip of her nose was cut off and parts of her ear were found in her clothing

Elizabeth Stride- ” Epileptic Annie”- Murdered the 29th of september. She was found by Louis Diemshutz. There was a “clean” incision in the neck. It severed the vessels in the left side, split the windpipe and finished just in front of the vessels on the right side. It was decided that she bled to death very slowly. She had bruises on both shoulders

Mary Jane Kelly- Murdered on November 8th. She was found by Thomas Bowyer who came to collect the rent. Her body  was hacked beyond recognition and quite frankly, i dont feel the need to talk about it here and make myself nauseous.

To sum it all up: Sweeney Todd did it!!!!!!!!!!


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