Victims of JTR

Polly Nichols

Polly Nichols was the wife of a printer, William Nichols, until her drinking problem and his affairs lead to thier separation. Eventually, Polly’s drinking habbit would lead to her becoming a prostitute in order to pay for rent and booze. On the night of her murder, Polly was kicked out of her lodging house due to inability to pay rent, and was last seen walking in the street by Emily Holland at 2:30 am. In the next hour and a quarter, she had been found dead at 3:40 am by a man named Charles Cross at the gateway of the board school on Buck’s Row. The police were shortly notified and on the scene. After examination, a doctor had found the body to have such savage throat injuries that the head was almost separated from the body, along with some abdominal gashes. The police later estimated that her time of death was very near to her discovery, due to the lingering warmth of her dead body. Also, the police found by the bruising and lack of blood, that she had been strangled, and then later mutilated on the site at which they found her. They blamed the murder on gang violence.

“Dark” Annie Chapman

  Annie Chapman was a plump, 45 year-old lady who was known to stay at the Crossingham’s Lodging house on Dorset St., where people knew her to be quite pleasant, and innoffensive.

On the 7th of September 1888, Timothy Donovan reportedly saw her leaving the lodging house on Dorset St. at 1:45 am telling him, “I shall soon be back, don’t let the bed.” Later that morning at around 5:30 she was seen by a passerby with a man whos appearance was foreign outside the residence at 29 Hanbury St. alive and apparently being courted. Then not a half an hour later at around 6:00 AM she was reportedly found slashed and mutilated in the yard of the residence by one of the elderly tennants. When police arrived on the scene at 6:30 they reported the body to have large incisions in the throat, and blood spatters near where the incisions were on the fense next to her body. Post mortem examination revealed that Annie chapman’s womb had been cut out. This gave rise to the idea that the killer was of some medical expertise.

Elizabeth Stride

“Long Liz Stride” had lived in the lodging house at 32 Flower and Dean st. for six years, and was reportedly seen leaving there at 7 pm on the 25th of september. she was reportedly seen with several men that night before she was murdered, but the most significant of those sightings was the one by Israel Schwartz at around 12:45 am. What he saw he proffesses to have been Liz Stride with another man, who was reportedly jostling her. Israel Schwartz thought that it was domestic abuse and thusly kept on walking. He very well may have whitnessed the beginning of another JTR murder. At 1 am she was  found dead in the street by Louis Diemshutz, with her throat cut and still trickling blood into the gutter. This lead the doctors and police to believe that the murder was extremely recent, and at the same time the body was found, Catherine Eddowes was being released from the Bishopsgate Police station.

Catherine Eddowes

After being released from the jailhouse, she was reportedly last seen at 1:35 walking the street with a gentleman. The constable on patrol found her dead body not fifteen minutes after she was last sighted. Her throat had been savagely cut and her body brutally mutilated with many small cuts to the face, and a portion of the nose missing. Also she had been disembowled with her intestines gruesomely draped across her body. She was thought to have been murdered only shortly before the constable found her, and only an hour after the discovery of Elizabeth Stride.

Mary kelley

Mary kelley was the only one of all of the JTR murders that was a full-time whore, and was also much younger than the other victims.

Many reports were made of an uproaring that occurred near to mary kelley’s room around the time of her murder, but the discovery of her dead body was made by her landlord: John Mcarthy.  After trying to rouse her, Mcarthy looked in through the window to see a horrible display of butchery. Mary kelley’s body had been almost entirely flayed out on her bed with blood spattering onto the walls and floor.

Mary kelley was considered to be the last one of the murders performed by Jack the Ripper.


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