Jack the Ripper’s Victims

Mary Ann Nichols=Mary Ann Nichols is considered to be the first victim of Jack the Ripper. She was found by two men in the early morning of August 31st, 1888. Her throat was cut severely, almost detaching her entire head from her body. It is speculated that the murder took place elsewhere due to the small amount of blood found at the scene and the fact that no one had heard a sound. She was also disembowelled. Her friends knew her as “Polly”, and she was a 43 year old prostiture who also drank quite a bit.

‘Dark’ Annie Chapman= Annie Chapman was a short, plump, prostitute who also enjoyed a drink. It is speculated that Annie’s health was failing her in the days before her murder. On September 8th at 6 am in the morning, her body was found by 29 Hanbury Street by an elderly gentleman. Annie’s throat was deeply slit, and her womb had been taken from her abdomen. Some belongings that she was carrying with her at the time of the murder were arranged at the bottom of her feet. A washed leather apron was also found near Annie’s body.

Elizabeth Stride= Elizabeth Stride’s body was found at around 1 am in Dutfield’s Yard by Louis Diemshutz. Her throat had been slit like the other victims’. The fact that only her throat had been cut, and she had no lesions to the abdomen, it is assumed that the murder was not completed and that the murderer was interrupted. Elizabeth also drank quite a bit. She was one of the victims of the “double murder”.

Catherine Eddowes= Catherine Eddowes is the second victim of the double murder. At 1:44am her body was found at Mitre Square. Not only was her throat cut, but her face was also terribly mutilitated. Her uterus and her lift kidney were missing. Her throat was cut all the way to her spine and she was almost unrecognizable. There was a blood stained apron found later that night that is thought to be related to the murder.

Mary Jane Kelly= Mary Kelly is Jack the Rippers final victim. She was much younger than his other victims, being only 25. She was also involved with prostitution. Her body was discovered at 10:45am on November the 9th by a man who was collecting the rent at Miller’s Court. Her face had been mutilated, her abdomen and thighs were all but removed, and the abdominal cavity was emptied. Her breasts were cut off, her arms were mutilated, and her throat was cut to the bone. Her body parts were thrown all over, and some were even found on the bedside table.


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