So those poor maps…

Its funny how sometimes someone proves the exact thing they were trying to disprove… Its like when (as the family legend goes) an old employee in my great grandfather’s bakery doubted the ability for a gas burning oven to cook. This was the first gas oven he had ever seen, and did not believe it could cook.. so to see how it worked.. he turned on the gas and then stuck his head into the oven. He then could not see and had no flashlight (of course) so he struck a match….. and well you get the idea.

This is similar to what Mr. Booth’s poor maps did. It seems to me as though he did not think that london was as bad as it was cracked up (perhaps down?) to be. It seems as though he wanted simply to see how common the poor really were. Of course, as we all konw, the maps he created clearly demonstrate how depressingly common poverty was in Victorian london. If he was alive today, i am sure he would be thankful that he got to do the map then as opposed to now, because (having taken him already a ton of time) modern london is significantly larger than its victorian counterpart.

Mr. Booth really did institute an interesting way of looking at poverty, but i would be tempted to argue that not only does it allow us to see where the poor people live, and help us study them, it also allows us to study all of london socity of the day. It was a fairly good call on his part i would say.

In closing…. haiku:

Snow falling from sky.

White pillows cover the grass.

People get all wet.


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