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Victorian Era
I never gave much thought to the Victorian Era except for what i read and saw in movies, with the little girls wearing big fluffy dresses and twirling umbrellas walking through the park. Then when i saw Sweeney Todd my entire view changed. All the sudden and the pleasant pictures went out the window and all i could think about was the beggar woman begging for money. It never connected in my immature mind that there were both but they were very unconnected

I always had heard about jack the ripper i always pictured him as more of a Mr. Hyde, Phantom, Sweeney Todd combination. I never really knew what he did, i just knew that he wasnt a good person. To me he was more of a story book figure, not a real person

People of the Abyss
I dont even really know where to begin on this. I think that the book was very well written and EXTREMELY detailed. What made me a little miffed was that london wasnt helping but that the people didnt seem to be helping themselves either. I commend him for going in there and actually living somewhat like the people there but i also think he was a little nuts


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