That Victorian Era, my previous knowlage, and a London extravaganza of sorts

What DO I know about the Victorian Era?

This is an interesting question, considering the answer is sadly very limited. I know very little about the Victorian Era. It was the time of a Queen Victoria in ye jolly ole England.. or something. It seems to always be portrayed as a wonderful time in the movies. A time with gentlemen, prude women in corsets, fox hunts, lavish estates, and awesome accents. This sadly is not completely the truth for the majority of England. Sure, the accents are still the same (and in fact in the majority of Britain, one might find an even more fascinating accent in the common folks), but it simply is not as jolly as is portrayed. It was a time for major turmoil among the poorest of the poor.

The biggest thing that comes to mind when i hear the word “Victorian” is well, frankly, my sister, because her name is Victoria, but other than that, it is simply Queen Victoria (which actually is 2 words…).

What do I know about the JTR murders you ask?

Nothing. I know very very little about the murders, except for what i have heard in the video we watched in class. I now know about the existence and number and other factors about the murders. i am not sure that was a sentence at all but thats ok… I know a little about the fact that there are a bunch of suspects i suspect.. (haha pun… ok sorry)

I wish i could tell you (the reader) more, but im afraid i know very little, which is why i took this class. I signed up thinkin oo sweet a class about a murderer?! and then i got afraid that it was just gonna be a 19th century brittish literature class, but then i read the book list and got very exited… perhaps overly excited..

And how bout those People of the Abyss??

May i be the first (or perhaps one of the later ones) to say that the book was depressing. I can not for the life of me imagine living in such poverty as to buy standing room only tickets to sleep, as has been discussed in the class some. The basic book itself is neat mainly because it its true! like dang.

Now, because this is a blog, i feel the need to express my inner most angst in this limerick:

There once was a man who ate food

he then went bananas and pooed.

He ate and he ate,

and then defacated (yes i tried to make that an odd ryme of past tense only not quite..)

and then he was going to do good.


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