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What do I know about the Victorian Era?

Not much actually. It was during the reign of Queen Victoria. I think of Upper class women with the big fancy dresses and corsets on. I think of the fancy architecture that a lot of up scale houses were built around. I think of industry improvements, since this was the height of the British Industrial Revolution.

What do I know about the Jack the Ripper murders?

I know that he was the first known serial killer. I know that there were five victims, who were all women prostitutes. I know that his true identity has never been uncovered and that hundreds of suspects have been named. I know that he slit all his victims throats and took out some of his victims body parts. I think of a man in a long black coat with a big hat on, carrying a medical bag.

People of the Abyss

I was horrified after reading Jack London’s People of the Abyss . It was so disturbing how people could actually live that way. A poverty so hopeless that slow starvation was almost one’s assured demise. I just could not understand how people could live that way, almost 500,000 people, could live that way, and there not be a lot of things done to help those peoples situations.  There was nothing any of the people could do to escape their situations because of the tiny wages. I just felt so hopeless reading the book and astounded at what these people went through… No wonder the death rate was so high back then.


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