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What do you know about the Victorian Era?

Truthfully, there is not much I know about Victorian England. When I think of this time period the image of carriages, men in top hats and well dressed ladies comes to mind. A distinction between the classes is what I think of “Victorian” England. The rich and poor of this time were separated by stark differences in lifestyle and social status.

What do you know about the Jack the Ripper murders?

I know that they were during the Victorian England time period and that they were very grizzly and brutal. I believe that all of the victims were female prostitutes and that the perpetrator was never found. It is a very interesting case that is still the topic of debate for many individuals.

People of the Abyss

I found Abyss to be an interesting look into the slums of England in Victorian times. At first there is this man, who everyone believes is crazy for going into the slums, that has an idea of what he is to experience, but who grows as a person when he immerses himself into another world. He sees how people who come to seemingly help the poor merely talk down to them. I was impressed with London’s writing and overall story.

-John McGowan


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