Victorian Era
I don’t have much knowledge of this time period. It’s actually mildly surprising that Lady and the Tramp didn’t play a larger role (or one at all really) in East End society. My thoughts were always centered around a woman in a fancy dress holding an umbrella in one hand, her husband’s arm with the other and their children dutifully walking nearby. I suppose Disney has warped/ distorted my views. On the other hand, I would sometimes conjure the image of an old toothless hag shouting at people walking in front of her stoop.

 About Jack
When I read the title of this course, I immediately attempted to think of anything I had heard about the murders, but sadly, I had to ask my roommate some basic questions. I didn’t even know if they had caught him or not. Of course, a quick glance at the photos in the middle of our background readings jogged memories of a midnight slasher. I certainly didn’t imagine him like that action figure doll though.

People of the Abyss
I was taken aback that Jack London could so simply describe the lifestyle of a person in the Abyss and manage to elicit such a reaction. I was disgusted and sympathetic, but also angered at the failed attempts to assist these people with basic things like food and a warm place to sleep. The sheer fact that bread the consistency of a brick was given in exchange for slave labor is infuriating. And what’s even worse is the fact that Jack the Ripper brought complete attention to this region and yet nothing had really changed by the time London arrived.


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  1. leighannejoyce Says:

    Victorian Era
    I never gave much thought to the Victorian Era except for what i read and saw in movies, with the little girls wearing big fluffy dresses and twirling umbrellas walking through the park. Then when i saw Sweeney Todd my entire view changed. All the sudden and the pleasant pictures went out the window and all i could think about was the beggar woman begging for money. It never connected in my immature mind that there were both but they were very unconnected

    I always had heard about jack the ripper i always pictured him as more of a Mr. Hyde, Phantom, Sweeney Todd combination. I never really knew what he did, i just knew that he wasnt a good person. To me he was more of a story book figure, not a real person

    People of the Abyss
    I dont even really know where to begin on this. I think that the book was very well written and EXTREMELY detailed. What made me a little miffed was that london wasnt helping but that the people didnt seem to be helping themselves either. I commend him for going in there and actually living somewhat like the people there but i also think he was a little nuts

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