The Victorian Era: My Thoughts

I used to think of “high society” and the aristocracy when I thought of Victorian England, but now I think of the poor population in London. What most people today don’t realize is that not much has changed. There are still people who live day to day trying to find food. The commercialized idea of the Victorian Era is propriety and fancy balls where everyone was dressed up, but that isn’t the truth.


One Response to “The Victorian Era: My Thoughts”

  1. Victorian England
    The Victorian Era began with Victoria’s ascension to the throne in in 1837 and ended with her death in 1901. It was during this time that England became an industrial power instead of an agricultural nation. Industrialization lead to an emerging middle class and a trampled lower class. Culturally, the period was dominated by a middle class that strongly desired to emulate the aristocracy. Hence, no truly new styles were created but grand styles of the past were re-imagined and distorted to create “new” styles. Revivals dominated the art, clothing, and architecture of the period.

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