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What do you know about the Victorian Era?

I know that the Victorian era took place during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), and that this was a period of industrial reform and the uprising of the middle class. When I hear the word “Victorian” I think of aristocracy, and big frilly dresses.

What do you know about the Jack the Ripper murders?

All that I know about Jack the Ripper is what I’ve heard about him in class. I know that he was a murderer who brutally mutilated his (5) victims, most of whom were female prostitutes. I also know that even though there are many theories, the true identity of Jack the Ripper has not yet been discovered.

People of the Abyss   Jack London

Jack London takes my mental image of the victorean era and flushes it down the toilet. Before Read any of this book, when I heard “Victorian” I thought fancy and superfluous. Now when I hear it I think more of poverty and opression. I think that Jack london was trying to show  the world this gloomy and depressing side of Victorian England in order to get some kind of message across to the Brittish aristocracy



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